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Luxury Condos in Winnipeg

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Condominiums come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges.  Luxury Condos, priced from about $300,000 to well over a million dollars, present certain added qualities and features.  If you're looking for a luxury condo in Winnipeg, contact me for a complete list.

Condos are appealing for a number of reasons, not the least that there are many different types of condos and, subsequently, condo living. Owning a condo in downtown Winnipeg has been perfect for me: I adore the smaller space, the neighbourliness of the other residents living in the building, the ease of getting anywhere I need to be within 20 minutes, and not having to worry much about attending to a yard or the actual building itself beyond my four walls.

But the best thing of all about condo living is that you can find a home of any shape, size, and style. In Winnipeg, you can get a range of condos from a starter home for $140,000 to a luxury condominiums selling for upwards of $1,000,000.

No matter your price range, condos that suit your needs are available. Luxury condos are an especially good choice if you prefer to live close to the hub of the city and are looking for a home with less maintenance required than a house.

What makes a luxury condo?

There are a number of important features for condos which transform an everyday condo into a home of luxury. Some of these might include the following:

  • View and Location. With our wide rivers, tall trees and historic buildings, Winnipeg has scenery and a skyline that captures the hearts of many. And if your windows are facing the right way, even a condo on the lower floors can have a breathtaking view. Those of you on the market for a luxury condo can look forward to getting some of the best views in the city right from your living room window. Along with the view, your home will also be in a prime location for all your needs.

  • Amenities. What’s a luxury home without amenities? Top of the line appliances, underground parking, gym facilities, and even doormen are possible features and services that you might get when you buy your luxury condo.

  • Outdoor Space. Big balconies – preferably overlooking your stunning view – are often a must-have for anyone on the market for a luxury condo. Your new home may also have private outdoor space or face the river (as in the case of condos on Waterfront Drive) with plenty of green space and pleasant walking trails to enjoy.

  • Size. Owning a condo doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing to live in a smaller space – from 1200 square feet to 3,000 square feet and more, various types of condos mean you can indulge in your love for a bigger space in a luxury condo. 

Take these features into consideration when you’re choosing the home that you’ll buy. For a space you’ll spend much of your time in, it’s worth looking into a luxury condo to ensure you get the home that’s everything you ever hoped it would be.

If you are in the market for a luxury condo, please email me at [email protected]


Sagan Morrow owns an open-concept condo in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and loves downtown living. By night she writes the blog Living Healthy in the Real World and is the Executive Director for The Food Label Movement; by day, she coordinates the Dig In local food campaign for Food Matters Manitoba. Sagan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric, Writing and Communications and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She enjoys taking in the theatre and art culture of downtown Winnipeg during her spare time.


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