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Hi everyone:

This has happened to me a couple of times this spring: a 'new' client (new to ME) calls me and we meet in my office and discuss the house (or condo) buying process. I will usually ask; "Have you looked at homes recently?" On a couple of occasions, the reply has been; "Yes, but our last agent didn't explain anything to us. He just sent us the listings and when we wanted to write an offer, we lost the house by $30,000"

Happy Home Seller Those buyers were not upset at loosing the house..... they WERE upset at getting 'blown out of the water' with no guidance or assistance from their real estate agent.

And so the reason for the headline of this post: "FINDING a house or condo is EASY". It really is. Here is what you do: Pick up the phone or send an e-mail to any one of the 1400+ REALTORS® in Winnipeg. Most will be only to happy to set you up on an automated search thru the new Keystone MATRIX® search system (an excellent system, by the way... check out this video)

After setting up the search, you'll be receiving listings by the dozens, maybe even by the hundreds. Then, when you find a house you like, you can call or e-mail that REALTOR® and go see the house and then even write an offer on it. This is where the problem occurs. Are you truly prepared for the bidding process? Have you been pre-approved by the RIGHT lender? Are your funds still tied up in RRSP's and will it take a couple of weeks to free them up? What's the house of your choice really worth? Can you trust the agent (whom you've never met until the day of the offer)? How much are your "Closing Costs"......

These questions just scratch the surface of what is required to actually GET the house or condo of your choice. So, FINDING it is easy....... GETTING it requires a little prep-work. That's why I start out with a meeting in our office, where we can make certain that you are prepared and ready.

If you're serious about buying a house or condo, call me anytime. Let's get started...

Bo   333-2202


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