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Hello Everyone:

Do you own rental property, and feel that now is the right time to sell? You may be right, as property values have far outstripped our Province's controlled rent increases. As your rental income has increased by 2% to 3% each year, the value of the property may have incresed by around 10-15% a year.

Case and point: I recently listed a nice little house on Winnipeg Ave.
Former Rental Property in Winnipeg

When I first saw this property, which had a tenant in it, the value would have been somewhere around $50,000, sold "AS-IS". The owners heeded my advice, gave the tenants their notice, cleaned and fixed the home up, and listed it for $89,900. In the end, it received multiple offers and sold for even more than that.

2nd case and point: I have a buyer for a condo in Lindenwoods. We were trying to get a look at this condo, which is tenant-occupied by a 'non-co-operative' (read: JERK) tenant, who keeps the place messy, and disrupts showings. This is not uncommon, as tenants quite often don't like the idea of 'their place' being sold, forcing them to find alternative accomodations. And so a condo, which should have sold quickly, has been on the market for 2-1/2 months, causing he owner grief and possible loss of money.

If you own property, and wish to sell it, call me first. Here is a short video on WHY it is in your best interest to sell the home WITHOUT the tenant in it.


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