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MyRealPage Websites: An Oustanding Option for Real Estate Professionals

Hi everyone:

As a real estate agent, I am amazed at how many other REALTORS® do not have a website.  We all know the facts: 80% to 85% if home buyers start their search on the internet.  So why do so many real estate agents not have their own website?  I've spoken with a few, and they give seveal reasons:  "It Cost Too Much",  "It takes a lot of time to operate", and "You gotta be a geek to operate your own site".

Nothing could be further from the truth:  MyRealPage Websites, is a simple but very effective website specifically made for real estate agents.

Cost:  Their cost breaks down to a couple of dollars a day.

It Takes Time:  MyRealPage has numerous "themes" which look great, right out of the box.  The agent simply clicks on the theme that appeals to him/her and the website is up and running in minutes.

Customizable:  Even though they look great 'out of the box', MyRealPage features outstanding customizability, and afford the user an unlimited number of ways to create a special 'look'.

Ease of Use:  Here is the best part.  Once the agent enters his listing onto the MLS®, MyRealPage automatically loads the listing into the site.  No duplication of work, as all important facts, measurements, pictures and prices update into the MyRealPage automatically.  And this automation process continues thruout the life of the listing.... if the agent changes a price on MLS®, adds comments or changes anything about the listing, the website automatically updates the information.  Compare this to some sites which are manually changed, it is a giant leap forward.

Outstanding customer service:  I've been with MyRealPage for two years, and in my own opinion, I've been a bit of a pain sometimes.  I tend to look for new and innovative ways to use any product, and have been pushing MRP to offer new and better ways to serve us.  And they've come thru every hesitation, no complaints. 


Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY affiliated with MyRealPage.  I dont have family members working there, I dont own any stock in the company.  So why am I taking the time to write this?  I'm just THAT happy with the product, and in an age when the internet is so important to real estate agents, I want to make sure that all REALTORS® are aware of this excellent option.

So if you're a real estate agent and have been delaying your decision to get your own site, call MyRealPage today. 



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