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I've written about the subject of selling privately on the MLS®, which at this point in time is not an option. In fact, to my knowledge, it is never going to be an option, as this would simply reduce the M.L.S. ®' effectiveness to that of just another private sales website.

So what then are a Winnipeg home sellers options for selling his house or condo:

1) Word of Mouth: Just ask your friends, neighbours and relatives. Perhaps put a poster up at the church, your local grocery store and a few telephone posts. Advantage: Its FREE. Disadvantage: Your market access is very limited, and chances of getting a full price, let along top-dollar offer are very remote.

2) KIJIJI, Craigslist, Local Newspapers: Run some ads on local community sites like those mentioned here. Many of these are even free, although for a few dollars you can 'highlight' your listing. Advantage: Still very low-cost. Disadvantage: Although you are accessing a larger market than with word-of-mouth, your 'reach' is still limited.

3) Private Sales Companies: There are dozens of these, just Google "private sales companies" and you will see lots of choices. Advantage: Larger market reach, internet exposure and better chance of finding A buyer. Disadvantage: More significant cost and no money-back guarantee. If you cant sell your house or condo, you've missed out on being a "NEW LISTING", once you call a real estate agent, because home-buyers will know that you could not sell for x-number of weeks. So these are the options for selling privately.

4) Listing with a REALTOR® on the M.L.S. ®.

Access the entire home-buying market all at once. Disadvantage: Not the cheapest method. There are discount brokers around who will list your home on the M.L.S. ® for less, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Advantage: Access to a huge market of buyers, best chance at getting multiple offers and top dollar for your house or condo.

Even if you DO choose to list with a REALTOR®, you have plenty of options. Each REALTOR® has their own marketing plan and price. Click here for a look at my marketing plan.

If you're thinking of selling your house or condo, please call me anytime for a personal market evaluation and one-on-one consultation and discussion of all your options. Bo Kauffmann 333-2202


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