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With approximately 1400 Real Estate agents in Winnipeg, home sellers appear to have a lot of choice when it comes time to sell their house or condo in or around Winnipeg. Some choose to go with an agent they've used before, perhaps even a relative or close personal friend. Some folks shop around for the lowest commission, but selecting a Listing Agent isn't the same as buying a pound of flour: All REALTORS® are NOT the same, and they don't use the same marketing plans. So when it comes time to list your Winnipeg house or condo, compare agents based on what they do for you!

Perhaps the biggest difference between Listing Agents is their Marketing Plans. The average agent is content to placing the home onto the MLS®, perhaps show it on their own website (assuming they HAVE a website) and advertising it in the local Winnipeg Real Estate News. Here is a graphic of what their plan might look like:

Average Agent Marketing Plan

I've always been taught: average efforts bring average results. The average agent sells 17 homes per year in and around Winnipeg, and the average Listing has a success rate of approx. 70% (give or take a point or two).

Now, with 80-85% of buyers starting their search on the internet, I personally feel that no marketing plan is complete without comprehensive Internet Promotions. My listings also go on the MLS®, into the Winnipeg Real Estate News and into my website, but my plan goes well beyond those points. Here's a look

My Marketing Plan for your Winnipeg Home

[caption id="attachment_1140" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Extensive Marketing Plan for your Winnipeg house or condo"]Marketing Plan to sell your Winnipeg house or condo[/caption]

I believe that when it comes to marketing your home or condo, 'more is better'. Some of my competitors have said "Achh, you don't need all that stuff, Winnipeg's market is hot and houses sell quickly". Keep in mind that 70% of houses sell...... which means 30% DON'T. By the time a home-seller discovers himself to be in that 30% group, it's usually too late to add "all that stuff"....   Like my dad always said "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

For YOUR market evaluation, call me anytime. Bo 333-2202


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