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Hi everyone:This has happened to me on a couple of occasions:  I meet with a new buyer for the first time, and we start to go over the buying process.  In this meeting, I explain what the market is doing, how best to write an offer, and generally discuss and describe the entire buying process.On more than one occasion, the buyer exclaimed:"We never knew THAT!".....  or, better yet: "Our LAST agent never explained THAT."In speaking to them further, I learn that they had been receiving listings from another agent, gone out to look at a few houses, tried to put in an offer and were promptly 'blown out of the water' by other, better prepared buyers.  So here is my point : FINDING a house or condo is the easy part.  The listings are out there, on MLS®, in magazines and newspapers and on the internet.  But FINDING is only a small part of what I do....  the key is in the PREPARATION.  To be blunt: We're not buying a pair of pants, a book or a loaf of bread.  We ARE about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the real estate market, and we're doing it at a time when there is heavy competition for the same house we want to buy.  Being PREPARED is key to winning these multiple-bid situation.I have created a "Home-Buying Brochure" which helps my house and condo buyers understand the process.  A PDF version of this brochure is attached here for your information.  I do hope you find it helpful.  If you have any real estate related questions or comments, please call me anytime.  And of course, if you're looking to buy a house or condo, I'd love to help you FIND and GET the home of your choice.Click here to download your Free Guide:                          Bo's Home-Buying Guide


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