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Hello Everyone:

What's this? A real estate agent telling home owners that they CAN sell privately? Is this a trick? Has Bo lost his marbles? Has he finally 'thrown in the towel'?

Not at all. And I'm not even being facetious when I say this: "Your house or condo can be SOLD without an agent."   But the real trick is not simply SELLING the house (or condo) but to find the BEST buyer with the highest level of motivation and deepest pockets. If your goal is to sell at the highest amount possible, consider this:

As a Private Seller, you will access many of the Private Buyers. Depending on how effective your advertising is, you may reach a good portion of the people who are looking for a house or condo on their own. However most real estate agents, who are working with the vast majority of buyers, WILL NOT SHOW your home. Why would they? They're not getting paid to do so.

House in WinnipegHowever, once you LIST your home with a REALTOR®, every real estate agent who has a pre-qualified, motivated and ready buyer for your home will come to show it. It is the quality of these buyers that's important to keep in mind: after all, a real estate agent will likely only work with buyers who are pre-qualified and motivated.

But in addition to these buyers, anyone looking for a house on their own will still be able to see your home. They simply call the Listing Agent off the sign or other ad.

This is why I say that by listing your home with an agent, you gain access to the WHOLE market, not just the private buyers. A recent Global National News report announced that "90% of homes are sold on the MLS®"... high praise indeed. And here are a couple of recent examples:

House #1 in Meadowood:Happy Home Seller

I listed this home in Feb. 2010, and it was shown by 40 REALTORS® to their buyers. In addition, 2 people called me directly (these would be your Private Buyers). I showed the house to them, and in each case they either felt the house was overpriced or they did not wish to compete. In the end, 11 agents (and their buyers) submitted offers and it sold for nearly $30,000 above asking price....

House #2 in Ft Rouge:

This home was shown by 31 agents, and I had 3 private buyers call me directly. The first one was not pre-qualified by a bank (and it is unknown to this date whether she ever got qualified), the 2nd one made an appointment to see it but then stood me up, and the third was a home-renovator, who told me to "Call him if the house did not sell". (In other words: If no one else wants it, I'll swoop in and get myself a bargain) End result: 7 offers by agents and the house sold for $23,000 over the asking price.

Simply selling the house is easy! But selling for the most money possible, and having buyers compete for your home, requires access to the WHOLE market.

If you're thinking of selling your home, please call me for a free consultation BEFORE you decide. I know you'll be glad you past clients are!

Bo 333-2202


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