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Hello everyone:

In order for the home-seller to be assured top dollar in Winnipeg's hot real estate market, it is in their best interest to create a bidding war, or multiple offer situation. Why?

"It is only thru competition that we try our hardest and achieve our best!"

I don't know who said this first, but I firmly believe it's true. Think about it: Track and Field records are not set during practice runs. They are set during the Olympics and World Championship events, when competition is at its highest level. The same holds true for the sale of a house. EVERY buyer thinks the house is over-priced, especially if he is the only one making an offer. If there is NO competition, the buyer will try to get the house at a reduced price. However, if the buyer realizes that there are 3 or 4 other people who are also putting in an offer, they then put their best foot forward and present their best, cleanest and highest offer.

Creating a bidding war is in the home-sellers best interest. If you're thinking of selling, be sure to call me and I'll be glad to sit down with you and explain how this works. Bo: 333-2202


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