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Whenever I hold an Open House, or meet potential buyers at other opportunities, I ask the buyer:  Are you working with a REALTOR®, or are you looking on your own?  When the answer is "We're looking on our own", I inquire as to the reason for doing so.  The answers to this used to surprise me, and I've selected the 3 most common "myths" here:

1) Buyers think they can save money by going it alone:

 On the surface this almost makes sense.  After all, we're taught that do-it-yourself can save you money.  While that premise works in many cases, such as building your own deck, or painting a room, it does not hold true when shopping for a house.  If the buyer uses the home-owners Listing Agent, that agent simply collects the entire commission.  Any discount or cut to the commission would go back to the home-owner, not to the buyer.  Also, I am fairly safe in saying that Listing Agents are very good at what they do.........including keeping their commission.  

2) Buyers think they can find and see all the homes that are available:

  It should be noted that printed weekly publications are, well, a week out-of-date.  Monthly magazines are even unreliable in that by the time a home is featured in any of these, it is quite often sold.  Some home-sellers decide not to use a "For Sale Sign", as they dont want the neighbours to know they're selling.  By working with your own REALTOR® ,you will receive automated information on any and all listings which fit your criteria.  No missing out on any listings.

3) Buyers feel they can save time:

Some buyers are afraid of being tied to a REALTOR® 's time-schedule, thinking they can do it quicker on their own.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Think about this:  Its Saturday afternoon, and you found 3 decent looking homes you'd like to see.  So you pick up the phone and call all 3 Listing Agents.  Now you have to sit back and wait for their return call, which often takes between 15 mins and several hours.  

So once you hear back from them, you try to book appointments with 3 different professionals, all of whom have busy schedules of their own.  What do you think the odds are that they are all available during the 1 or 2 hours you've set aside for this?

On the other hand, if you are working with one agent, you simply call him (or her) and tell them your one-hour window.  The agent then books the appointments and goes thru the homes with you.  THIS is the way to actually save yourself some time.

So, if you are getting serious about buying a home or condo, call a REALTOR® who represents YOU in your search and thruout the buying and negotiating process.  After all, home-owners have their own REALTOR® fighting for them.......  shouldn't you? 


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