Whether you’re looking for a house or a condo, down-sizing or moving larger, first home or next move in Winnipeg, here is all you really need to do.  Yes, the buying journey can be long (and fun) but really, we can sum it up in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Contact me to be your buyer agent

About 95% of home sellers list with an agent who represents them.  That person is commonly referred to as a listing agent.  As a home buyer, you should have your own Accredited Buyer Agent (A.B.R.®).  The benefits of having your own agent are many, as you can read in this article.

You can call me anytime to set up our initial appointment.  While this appointment is ‘usually’ in person, it can also be held over zoom.

During this first meeting, we will have an opportunity to answer all your real estate questions, and define the type of home you are looking for.  Among other things, we’ll discuss:

  • Getting pre-approved by the best lender for your situation (unless you are already pre-approved)
  • How much money you will need to have available
  • Closing costs when buying a home in Winnipeg
  • List of professionals who will also be involved and on your team
  • Your specific needs and wants for the perfect home

This meeting usually takes about 45 minutes and should involve all parties involved, ie: BOTH spouses, for example.

Also at this time we will set up the search for any home which fits your needs.  These listings will then come directly to your email inbox where you can peruse them at your leisure, and call me when you wish to see some of them.

Step 2: Looking at Homes

This is without a doubt the most fun part. You’ll contact me with a list of 4-5 homes you’d like to see, and I book our showing tour.  At a time convenient to you, we will see those homes, one after another and discuss their merits and short-comings.

Step 3: Make an Offer on a Home

We found a home that fits your needs and you are ready to write an offer.  Having your own buyer agent takes most of the guess-work and the risk out of making the largest purchase of your life.

I’ll be able to find whether there are other bidders, and help you structure the best offer you can.  This will give you the best chance at getting the home, whether there are other bidders or not.


I’ve made it sound pretty simple.  Thats because after doing this for 18 yrs, and selling over 500 homes, I’ve developed a system to smooth out the workflow.

As I mentioned above, there are several other professionals involved in this journey.  They include, among other:

  • Mortgage Professionals
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Home Inspector
  • Home Insurance expert
  • Moving Company
  • Life Insurance expert
  • Skilled Trades

I have a list of trusted professionals whom we can call upon to help us anytime we need them.  So when you’re ready to buy, call me BEFORE even stepping into open houses or calling listing agents to show their homes.  Let’s get started on the right foot, well prepared and armed with the right information.

“What if I’m 6 months or more from making a move?”

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Great question.  Here is a list of things any buyer should do, at least 6 months before looking at homes.