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How will you choose your Listing Agent?
With over 1400 REALTORS® in Winnipeg, you have a large selection to choose from.  So how to choose?
One factor that should NOT come into play is the "Listing Price" of the home.  It's an old game: One REALTOR®  suggests your home is worth $200,000, and the next one suggests $225,000.  Its a natural reaction to want to list with the one who thinks your home is worth more.  But we need to take a closer look at eachREALTOR®  'Marketing Plan", because that is the ONLY thing that differentiates one REALTOR® from another:  How will they get you the most money?  In other words:  Choose a REALTOR® by the ONLY thing he/she controls:  the marketing for the home, NOT the promised selling-price!
The M.L.S:  EVERY REALTOR® in town uses the Multiple Listing Service.  It's very powerful, and is one of the main reason why listing with a Realtor is much more successful than any Do-It-Yourself kit you can buy.  But since every  REALTOR® uses it, this alone does not differentiate us from each other.  Here are a couple of things that do:
It all starts with the right sign:  Re/Max!  The recognized leader in Real Estate, with world-wide recognition.  Having a Re/Max sign on your property gives you instant brand-name recognition and trust.
Advertise the Listing:  Especially in a slower market, advertising should extend beyond the M.L.S.  What about the buyers who are not working with REALTORS®?  What about out-of-town buyers coming in for a visit?  To capture as many potential buyers as possible, your home/condo should be advertised in as many places and as many different media as possible, such as printed magazines and newspapers, internet sites and blogs.
Pictures & Virtual Tours:  Buyers want to see more pictures.  Listings that don't publish interior photos are treated as 'suspicious' by buyers, and many will not come out to see your home.  Virtual Tours are the next step up from regular photos, and help further entice those buyers into your home.  Choose an agent who does both. 
So, choose a Re/Max agent who advertises in as many places as possible, and takes lots of pictures and can produce a virtual tour of your home. 
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