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My Marketing Plan for Your House or Condo

Home-Sellers hire a REALTOR® for mainly 1 reason:
To help them get the most money for their home!

REALTOR® manage to do this two main methods:

1) Placing the home on the MLS:

By doing this, we announce to every other REALTOR® in Manitoba that they have a chance to 'co-operate' in this sale, thereby enticing them to bring their home-buyer into your home, and possibly help sell your home to this buyer. Canada's MLS is a very powerful and unique system, in fact the envy of real estate markets the world over. To hear more about this system, you can catch my Podcast episode by going to

2) Advertise your home in other places:

As good as this system is, what about people who are NOT currently working with a REALTOR® ? People who are just looking on their own, vowing to 'make a move when they find something nice"?
To catch those potential buyers, REALTOR advertise their listings in newspapers, or magazines or online. This is just one area where I set myself apart from other REALTORS® :

I am a firm believer in marketing. The more marketing and advertising you do, the higher your chances at selling at top dollar, and in as quick a time as possible. Doesn't this make sense? When a car-maker comes out with a new product, they dont just advertise it in a newspaper, or online: they advertise it in magazines, newsprint, online, TV, Radio, flyers, and in their showrooms with brochures. They do this for two reasons: They know that marketing works.........and they know that if they dont do it, the car-buying public will go to the competitor.

You, as the home-owner, want the buying public to come to YOU. You DO have competitors (other houses for sale) and you want to make sure that you attract buyers to YOUR home. Here are the main places my clients homes and condos are advertised:
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